Port St. Lucie, 4/21/2012

The Digital Domain Park hosted authors from all over the state today and drew crowds to the Mets’ stadium in Port St. Lucie. Chad Douglas was in attendance and met with readers from 10 AM to 2 PM. He also appeared on the Young Adult Fiction panel with fellow authors.

Litera at the Atelier Art Gallery, Miami 4/14/2012

Once a month, the Miami ArtWalk brings droves of locals and internationals to the midtown gallery district for an evening dedicated to the arts. This month Chad Douglas was one of the five featured artists to appear in the Atelier Art Gallery, owned by Carola and Ellie Perla, which hosted its annual Litera event during ArtWalk. From 6 PM to 12 AM Douglas met with visitors and guest artists, and read from his third book, The Old World.

3rd Annual UCF Book Festival 3/31/2012

Douglas was an exhibitor again this year at UCF’s annual Book Festival. Turnout this year was phenomenal, due to ever-expanding promotion and preparation by the Book Festival team. Lore flew off the table as returning fans and new readers flocked to First Ventures Press’s booth, decked out in brand new Lore paraphernalia. For the first time, fans got to sign up to receive announcements and pre-release news about Douglas’s upcoming novel, which will be released for fall 2012.

Ft. Myers 3/24/2012

Douglas returned to Ft. Myers again this year for the annual Reading Festival. Douglas and First Ventures Press met with fans from last year’s event who showed up eager to get their hands on the Lore trilogy’s grand finale. Douglas will be back next year with the Lore trilogy and his upcoming novel!

Los Angeles Book Festival 2/22/2012

A Pirate’s Charm receives honorable mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival Book Contest 2/22/2012

The first installment of the Lore trilogy received an honorable mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival Book Contest today. Lore Volume I: A Pirate’s Charm received honors in the 2011-2012 Young Adult fiction category.

Chad T. Douglas talks with John Austin of The Book Club (WTAN 1340 Tampa) 11/21/2011

Lore author Chad T. Douglas was a featured up-and-coming author on WTAN 1340 Tampa’s The Book Club radio program in November. In the interview he discusses his first novel, Lore Volume I: A Pirate’s Charm with radio personality John Austin, and illuminates the many twists and turns latent in the first chapters of his extensive trilogy. Click on the link below to listen to the online streaming version of the interview:


“A Pirate’s Charm” honored in 2011 New York Book Festival – 06/10/2011

Chad T. Douglas’s novel, “A Pirate’s Charm”, the first in the Lore Trilogy, was an honoree in the Teen category of the 2011 New York Book Festival book contest. Winners in the contest are honored based upon the writing ability of the author and the ability of their work to win wider recognition. On June 10th, Chad T. Douglas was one of many authors recognized at an awards gala held at the world famous Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan. During the ceremony, winners and honorees were introduced by festival managing director Bruce Haring and allowed to address their fellow authors and the contest judges after accepting their awards. Douglas briefly spoke about his trilogy and his experiences in self-publishing, thanking his family for their support, his editor Drollene P. Brown for her work on the series and his friend Victoria Phillips for her article promoting his first book signing in Gainesville, Florida in February 2010.

Fort Myers Book Festival 3/19/2011

The Lore Trilogy was a hit at this year’s Fort Myers Book Festival, this past weekend! Many new readers looking for the next big fantasy series had a lot to discuss with author Chad T. Douglas, and many showed their support by coming out to get their books signed. If you missed Douglas in Fort Myers, no worries! His next signing will take place at this year’s UCF Book Festival, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. For details, visit http://education.ucf.edu/bookfest/.

News About A Pirate’s Charm

C.T. Douglas will be a vendor/exhibitor at the 6th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest over Columbus Day Weekend ( October 8 – October 10, 2010 ). Douglas will have the first book of the Lore trilogy, “Lore: A Pirate’s Charm” available for purchase and autographing. He will also be available to chat with Lore fans and book enthusiasts about the second book of the trilogy, which will be available for purchase in November 2010.Come join us at Tybee Island Pirate Fest, beginning Friday, Oct. 8th from 5:00 p.m thru 9:00 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 9th from 10:00 a..m. until 6:00 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 10th from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. For more information about the 6th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest please visit here.

Decatur Book Festival

C.T. Douglas will be a featured exhibitor at the upcoming Decatur Book Festival in Decatur,Georgia on Saturday, September 4th and Sunday, September 5th, 2010. C.T. will be available to sign books, as well as, talk to book enthusiasts about the second book of the trilogy, scheduled to be out in November 2010. For more information about the Book Festival, please visit www.decaturbookfestival.com